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Eva’s First Father’s Day

Eva’s First Father’s Day 0

What a great day we had today.  We got to Owasso and the girls got to swim with Sadie and Soloman (and Uncle Greg too).  Papa grilled steaks and we had a fantastic dinner.



Swimming At Jenny’s

Swimming At Jenny’s 0

Today, mama and the three girls went to mama’s cousin Jenny’s house to swim.  She and her husband have a beautiful house and an amazingly cool pool with a huge gazebo, to get out of the direct sun, when needed.


Uncle Greg’s Birthday Dinner

Uncle Greg’s Birthday Dinner 0

Tonight we finally got together with the Alberty family for Uncle Greg’s birthday.  His birthday was over a week ago, but their family had been sick, so we had to wait it out, until everyone was up for a party.  Uncle Greg picked Lanna Thai, so that’s where we went.  We when got there, Eva was sleeping, and she stayed asleep for half of the dinner.  As soon as she woke up, she got passed around, so everyone could see her.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day 0

It wasn’t Mama’s first Mother’s Day, but it was Eva’s first.  We had brunch at Southern Hills with the Eng family, before going out to Owasso to celebrate Noni with a cookout there.

Jenny Stops By

Jenny Stops By 0

Today, while big sisters were at school and daddy was at the office, mama’s cousin, Jenny came by for a visit.  She hadn’t seen Eva in a while and was so happy to see her!

Eva’s First Easter Sunday

Eva’s First Easter Sunday 0

We had a busy Easter Sunday today.  Eva’s sister hunter eggs at our house, then mama made a big breakfast.  Next it was time for the Eng family party at Jack and Aunt Stephanie’s house.  We ended the night with steaks on the grill at Noni and Papa’s in Owasso.

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Happy Birthday Noni

Happy Birthday Noni 0

Today was a big day for Eva.  It was only the second time she’d gotten out for a big family gathering.  We celebrated Noni’s 70th birthday (and he twin sister Denna’s 70th also!) at Celebrity Club tonight.  It was the first time she had met a lot of mama’s family, so everyone was excited to see her.  Of course mama had Eva all dressed up for the occasion and of course, she was the star of the show!

Eva’s First Snow

Eva’s First Snow 0

It’s been snowing quite a bit the last few weeks, but we’ve kept Eva warm inside.  Today, daddy couldn’t resist taking her out for a few minutes to get a couple pictures and let her feel snowflakes falling on her face for the very first time.  She never cried once.  Luckily we had the adorable winter hat that Uncle Greg and Aunt Jacinda got for her to keep her warm.