Eng Family

Swimming At Aunt Stephanie’s

Swimming At Aunt Stephanie’s 0

Aunt Stephanie invited us over to her new house today to swim.  Mama took Eva and big sisters to Jenny’s house to swim a couple weeks ago, but  Eva didn’t get in the water.  With daddy there this time, we thought this would be a perfect time to get her swimming.  With no one else around, just us, Aunt Stephanie and Gammie.  She loved the water.  We kept her out of the sun for the most part, but she took to the water like a little fishy.





Too Hot For The Roughnecks Game

Too Hot For The Roughnecks Game 0

There was a Roughnecks soccer game tonight, but it was too hot for Eva and mama to go.  So daddy took big sisters, Olivia and Gabriella and cousin Zac.  We had a great time at the game, but definitely missed Little E and Mama!


The Football Hold

The Football Hold 0

Daddy had forgotten about the football hold, since he hadn’t used it in around 8-9 years, but after seeing Katie’s husband Kevin, holding Adelaide like that, he’s been using it on Eva.  And she really likes it.  She likes it so much she’s even been falling asleep in that hold, which is pretty crazy!


Olivia’s Last Soccer Game

Olivia’s Last Soccer Game 0

Today was Olivia’s last soccer game of the season.  After the game, all the girls (and their siblings too) got donuts from our favorite donut spot (OK Country!).  Eva was there to see her sister’s team win, and so were Gammie and Nona and Papa, of course.  Aunt Melanie, Kasey and Zac came too!  We went to lunch after.



Brian And Cassidy Get Married!

Brian And Cassidy Get Married! 0

Wow, what a fun wedding.  It was so exciting to be there for Brian and Cassidy’s wedding.  Eva might not remember much of it, but we’ll have the pictures and videos to remind her.  Eva even made it through part of the wedding, with Mama walking her around just outside in the hall the other part of the time.  The post-wedding dinner was so much fun, with a DJ, dancing, a sit-down dinner and lots of photo-ops!  Plus Eva got a cool new cousin out of the deal!  Little E didn’t last too long though, once Gammie had her in her arms, Eva was out and slept peacefully for over almost 2 hours.





The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner 0

We drove to Oklahoma City today for cousin Brian’s wedding.  It was our first road trip with Eva.  It was a short one, but we are still staying in a hotel for 2 nights and since it’s for a wedding, we had to pack pretty heavy.  Eva did great in the car and we have a really nice hotel room with lots of space.  The rehearsal dinner was a great time.  Eva got to see all of her Eng family, and of course, her BFF, Adelaide!




Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day 0

It wasn’t Mama’s first Mother’s Day, but it was Eva’s first.  We had brunch at Southern Hills with the Eng family, before going out to Owasso to celebrate Noni with a cookout there.

Aunt Stephie’s Birthday

Aunt Stephie’s Birthday 0

Tonight we went to Senior Tequila’s for Aunt Stephanie’s birthday.  Eva is typically really good at all the Eng family festivities, despite being passed around from aunt to aunt and Jack.  Tonight she was a little fussy though and daddy had to keep her moving, to keep her from crying.  Aunt Stephanie was happy to hold her, crying or not though.

Cousin Zac’s Birthday

Cousin Zac’s Birthday 0

This evening we went to Aunt Melanie’s for cousin Zac’s birthday party.  It was a blast.  Eva got to see all her Eng family, including her BFF, Adelaide.

Daddy with Adelaide and Eva:


Mama, two-timing little E, with Adelaide:


The Zac Attack BD Cake:


Cousin Kevin and E: