Eva Grace

Dinner And Fireworks At Waterfront Grill

Dinner And Fireworks At Waterfront Grill 0

Our neighbors, the Brolicks gave a great idea for watching the fireworks at the Jenks bridge.  Last year they went to dinner at Waterfront grill in Jenks and had dinner on the patio and watched them there.  They got to park in their lot and sit down and eat and relax and not deal with the crowds or finding a place to set up on the grass.  So that’s what we did this year.  We rolled right in, told the security guard at the lot we were there to have dinner, parked and went straight in.  We decided to eat inside, along the glass wall, since it was pretty hot outside and once the fireworks started we got up and went outside to get a better view.  Eva wasn’t scared of the loud booms at all.  She was excited and mesmerized by all the pretty colors.

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The Cradle

The Cradle 0

Mama put Eva in the cradle while she checked on the laundry and daddy came into the room and saw her there.  Her tiny head was just popping up above the edge.  It was adorable.  She is such a ham.


Recovering From Shots

Recovering From Shots 0

Eva’s had temperature all day today, after her shots yesterday.  It was up to 102 at one point.  That’s standard for the day after shots, but it doesn’t make it any easier to see her whiny and uncomfortable all day.


4 Months Checkup

4 Months Checkup 0

Today was Eva’s 4 Month check-up.  It was 5 weeks late, but her doctors have been busy and we have had a hard time getting her in.  She’s doing great and is in the right place with height, weight and head size.  She was all smiles on the scale (15lbs, 6oz) and even when the doctor checked her out, but of course that all turned when she got her shots.  Poor little thing.

Happy Eva:


Mad Eva:


Sad Eva:


Eva’s New Favorite Toy

Eva’s New Favorite Toy 0

It’s like they always say, you can spend tons of money on toys for kids, but it’s usually the simple, free stuff that they love the most (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, etc).  Eva’s new favorite thing fits the bill perfectly.  In desperation to get her to stop crying, we gave her a plastic spoon and she loves it.  It’s kept her happy and quite and there aren’t even any sharp edges.  We may need to buy these in bulk at Sam’s next time we’re there!


2 Teeth!

2 Teeth! 0

It’s official.  Eva has 2 teeth.  They’re here.  Watch out solid foods.  She’s coming for you!


Bathtime! 0

I think I’ve posted this same thing over and over in the past, because it’s true.  Eva LOVES her bathtime.  She can be sick, grouchy, tired, hungry, anything.  She can be in the worst mood, but bathtime makes here happy every time!

Napping On The Ottoman

Napping On The Ottoman 0

Noni and Papa picked up Gabriella and Olivia to spend the night for a couple of nights today.  So mama and daddy had a little time to get ready for our friend Spencer to come and stay with us.  We watched a movie in the living room and mama laid Eva down on the ottoman, after she fell asleep in her arms.  This ended up being the last time we could leave her to sleep in an uncontained area.  Moments.  This one is the very last nap on the ottoman.

A Standard Summer Night

A Standard Summer Night 0

Mama made dinner tonight, so when daddy got home from work we ate and then Eva got her bath.  Nothing special about today.  Just a regular old summer evening.


The Foot Eater

The Foot Eater 0

Eva, like every baby is very flexible.  Her favorite thing to do lately is gnaw on her feet.  Sometimes, she’ll just lay on her back for 10-15 straight on chew on her toes.  It’s adorable.