Eva Grace

Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Getting Ready For Tomorrow 0

Tonight, mama helped Eva put on a fashion show.  She had to try on new outfits and pick her favorite for Noni and Aunt Denna’s big birthday party tomorrow.

The Rollover

The Rollover 0

Yep, it happened today.  We’re in trouble.  Eva is barely 2 months old and she already figured out how to rollover.  She really, REALLY wanted to see the TV.  I didn’t get a video, but I did snap quite a few pictures.  Here’s an image sequence of The Rollover.


The Walk

The Walk 0

It was just mama and Eva today.  Sisters were at school and daddy was at the office, so mama took Eva on her first walk around the neighborhood.  Of course she loved it, but she may need some sunglasses for her next outing.

The Hand Sandwich

The Hand Sandwich 1

Eva’s new favorite thing to do is to suck her entire hand.  Occasionally she gets most of it into her mouth and starts to choke.  It’s been a real job lately, keeping her hand out of her mouth.

Sleeping In The Cradle

Sleeping In The Cradle 0

Eva had been sleeping in the bed with mama and daddy in a co-sleeper since she had been waking up every couple of hours to be fed.  The last week or so, she’s been sleeping through the night in 5-6 hours stints.  Prayers have been answered!  Here she is, sleeping contently in her cradle.

Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt 0

We took Eva to see Dr. Kimberling (or Uncle Matt as he refers to himself!) today.  It’s been a month since her last visit and he said she was doing great.  Healthy weight gain – 5.25 KG (11lbs, 9oz) and a good echocardiogram.  She doesn’t have to go back again for two more months.  Hooray!


Watching Hockey With Dada

Watching Hockey With Dada 0

Eva’s eyesight has gotten much better over the last couple of weeks and as a result, she has found the TV.  Since daddy is regularly watching hockey, Eva is regularly watching hockey too now!