Crazy Storms And Tornadic Activity!

Crazy Storms And Tornadic Activity! 0

It was a wacky night of storms tonight.  Luckily for us, they were all just to the north of our house.  We cleared out the closet under the stairs just in case though.  Olivia kept her sister safe in her arms and assured her there was nothing to be upset about.


Sweet Sisters

Sweet Sisters 0

After being out of school so much, Gabriella and Olivia have really been missing their sister while they’re at school all day.  Here’s Gabriella, so happy to see Little E!

No Hair Cut

No Hair Cut 0

Today, Gabriella and Olivia got Spring Break haircuts courtesy of Aunt Melanie, but of course, Little E wasn’t quite ready for her first hair cut yet.  Even with a new haircut, Eva still recognized her sister Gabriella when we got home.

Spring Break Snuggle Time

Spring Break Snuggle Time 0

Today is the first full day of Spring Break for big sisters Olivia and Gabriella.  We all took it easy in the afternoon and there was lot of snuggle time, before daddy and sisters went to the Tulsa Oilers hockey game this evening.

The Inside Walk

The Inside Walk 0

With the massive amounts of snow we’ve gotten since Eva was born, we haven’t been able to get her outside.  So when she gets tired of being held (yes, this happens on a rare occasion), we’ve started taking her on inside walk.  Today was Olivia’s turn to take Eva for an inside stroll.

Anxious Sisters

Anxious Sisters 0

After being home so much lately with snow days, parent-teacher conferences, holidays, sick days and the weekends, Gabriella and Olivia haven’t been in school much lately.  They went back today and were super anxious to get home and see their sister Eva.

Olivia Reads To Eva

Olivia Reads To Eva 0

Olivia decide to read some books to Eva tonight and Eva really enjoyed it.  She was focused on her and so happy!

Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday 1

It was a lazy Sunday, with lots of snow and ice still on the ground.  Daddy took Gabriella and Olivia sledding with their friends Bella and Lucy, but Eva had to stay at home with mama.  She got her bath though and that always makes her happy.


Sledding With Sisters

Sledding With Sisters 0

There was lots of snow today, so we went sledding.  Eva had to come, right?

OK, daddy photoshopped Little E into the picture, but she would have had fun if she could’ve gone!