Eva’s First Roughnecks Game 0

Tonight we took Eva to her first soccer match!  The Roughnecks play at OneOK field where the Drillers play.  It was finally nice weather for a game and Eva is out of quarantine, so she and Mama went to the game with Daddy, Gabriella and Olivia.  Since we have season tickets with the Dickasons, she got to see Michelle, Chris and Connor too!  She had a great time watching the first half of the game, but was hungry by the second half.  Amazingly, the stadium has a secluded private family room for moms to breastfeed, with couches and chairs and AC!  Michelle and Gabriella went with Mama to feed Eva.  I think they may have been pretty comfortable, because they were gone for quite a long time!  After the game, we stayed for fireworks.  We weren’t sure how Eva was going to do, since they were loud and bright.  She’d never seen fireworks before and her sisters didn’t like them until they were over 3-4 years old.  She did great though.  She sat completely still, not scared at all and looked up and watched the entire display!