Sisters Return From School

Sisters Return From School 0

Today was the first day since we’ve been home that Gabriella and Olivia had to go to school.  They really missed their new sister and couldn’t wait to get home and see her.  They were excited to take turns holding her, but they had to wait a little longer, since daddy made them both take showers first.  (Can’t be too safe with the flu and other germs rampant at school).


Welcome Home

Welcome Home 0

Gabriella and Olivia welcomed momma, daddy and baby sister, Eva Grace home with balloons, home-made signs and lots of kisses!


150125_001 150125_002

Born Day

Born Day 0

What a day January 21, 2015 was.  Mama and Daddy had just turned out the lights to go bed.  It was 1:30AM.  Boom.  Mama’s water broke and it was time for Eva to arrive.  We called Noni and Papa, so they could come over to the house and stay with sisters, Gabriella and Olivia and we called Gammie to let her know it was time too!  Mama and Daddy scrambled around the house to get all the last minute things together and the car packed up.

At 3:25am, Noni and Papa arrived at the house.  35 minutes later, around 4:00AM, we left for Saint Francis.  It only took us 15 minutes to get there.  Noni followed us there, with Gammie not too far behind (thanks to a ride from Aunt Melanie).  At 4:30AM they got momma into a room and started the testing to make sure her water had broken (Of course it had. This isn’t our first rodeo!)


It was a long 12 hours from there.  After the epidural, mama had plenty of contractions and lots of laboring.  There was pushing and struggling, and mama and the doctors did everything they could to get Little E to come down, she just didn’t want to come out.  The womb was just too cozy!  The decision was made, for the health of Eva and mama to move to the surgery room and deliver her by C-Section.

Around 4:30PM, sisters, Gabriella and Olivia arrived at the hospital, anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new sister:


At 6:36PM Eva Grace Eng was born.  She was 8lbs, 2oz and 20.5 inches long.

Here she is getting cleaned up, only a few minutes after delivery:


Here she is, getting warm.  All bundled up and sporting a cute little beanie:


Mama meets here new baby.  She looks beautiful, even on the operating table:


That’s one proud dada:


Striking a pose:


Two excited sisters:


These next two photos bring daddy a tear of joy:



Gabriella get her turn:


Olivia’s next:


Mama finally got to the room and got the spend her golden hour with Eva.

Mama and daddy take a minute to pose with Little E:


Next up, grandmother time.  Noni’s first:


Then Gammie: