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Tears For Fears Concert

Tears For Fears Concert 0

Today was Spencer’s last day here.  Besides just coming in to visit us, he came to go to the Tears For Fears concert at The Brady Theater.  Lots of other friends came into town for the show too and we all met up for drinks before heading to the venue.  Before we left the house, the girls said their goodbyes to Spencer, since we wouldn’t be home until late and we were getting up at 5:00AM to go to the airport.

Here are some of the pictures from the Tears For Fears concert at Brady Theater.

150616_Tears_For_Fears_01 150616_Tears_For_Fears_03 150616_Tears_For_Fears_10 150616_Tears_For_Fears_11

Spencer & Daddy Go To Work

Spencer & Daddy Go To Work 0

It’s Monday and Gabriella and Olivia both started summer camps today.  Gabriella is going to art camp at Philbrook.  Olivia is going to TU soccer camp.  Daddy had to work a little bit, even though Spencer was here visiting.  Spencer had to get some work in too, so we went to the office and left Eva at home with mama.  After Spencer and daddy picked up Gabriella, we headed home before going to dinner.   Eva sure was happy to see her sisters.  She’s really gotten used to them being at home all day and missed them all day today.

Hello Spencer

Hello Spencer 0

It didn’t take long for Eva to warm up to Spencer.  He’s like an old-pro with children and knew that he had to work his way into getting Eva to let him hold her.  It worked perfectly.  Here she is, happy hanging out with Spencer, right before we left to have lunch at Goldie’s.

Spencer & Elmer’s

Spencer & Elmer’s 0

Daddy’s long-time friend Spencer came into town last night to stay with us for a few days and the girls got back from Noni and Papa’s house.  So we decided to go run around and grab some lunch.  One of Spencer’s must-eat spots was Elmer’s BBQ, so we headed there first.  Eva was so good during lunch and had fun driving around town.  After we got back to the house it was already time for dinner.  We decided to make pizzas.  We let Spencer take the lead on how to make them and headed to Whole Foods for some pre-made dough and toppings.  We got back, divided the dough balls in halves and pre-baked them in the over for 5 minutes, before topping them and tossing them on the grill for the final cookdown.  They were delicious!


Napping On The Ottoman

Napping On The Ottoman 0

Noni and Papa picked up Gabriella and Olivia to spend the night for a couple of nights today.  So mama and daddy had a little time to get ready for our friend Spencer to come and stay with us.  We watched a movie in the living room and mama laid Eva down on the ottoman, after she fell asleep in her arms.  This ended up being the last time we could leave her to sleep in an uncontained area.  Moments.  This one is the very last nap on the ottoman.

The Football Hold

The Football Hold 0

Daddy had forgotten about the football hold, since he hadn’t used it in around 8-9 years, but after seeing Katie’s husband Kevin, holding Adelaide like that, he’s been using it on Eva.  And she really likes it.  She likes it so much she’s even been falling asleep in that hold, which is pretty crazy!


Swimming At Jenny’s

Swimming At Jenny’s 0

Today, mama and the three girls went to mama’s cousin Jenny’s house to swim.  She and her husband have a beautiful house and an amazingly cool pool with a huge gazebo, to get out of the direct sun, when needed.


Napping With Noni

Napping With Noni 0

It’s Tuesday again, so Gabriella and Olivia went to work with daddy.  Noni came over to help mama with Eva while mama got the house cleaned.  Of course, Noni got Little E in the sleeper hold and had her napping in her arms.


Walking With Sisters

Walking With Sisters 0

After dinner tonight, Gabriella, Olivia and daddy took Eva on a walk around the neighborhood.  It’s been tough to try and work them in, because it’s been so hot.


A Standard Summer Night

A Standard Summer Night 0

Mama made dinner tonight, so when daddy got home from work we ate and then Eva got her bath.  Nothing special about today.  Just a regular old summer evening.