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Tacos At Fuzzy’s

Tacos At Fuzzy’s 0

It’s Sunday and time to head back home.  After packing up and checking out of the hotel, we headed for Bricktown to get something to eat.  The first stop was Pinkitzel though.  Sisters Gabriella and Olivia picked out cupcakes and each got a bag of candy.  We couldn’t leave Eva out, so instead of sugary treats, she got a new little doll.  Next, we headed for tacos at Fuzzy’s at the recommendation of one of the girls who sold us the cupcakes.  There was a long line at Fuzzy’s but it was well worth the wait. Yum!  By the time we got home, Little E was worn out and ready for sleepytime!

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Brian And Cassidy Get Married!

Brian And Cassidy Get Married! 0

Wow, what a fun wedding.  It was so exciting to be there for Brian and Cassidy’s wedding.  Eva might not remember much of it, but we’ll have the pictures and videos to remind her.  Eva even made it through part of the wedding, with Mama walking her around just outside in the hall the other part of the time.  The post-wedding dinner was so much fun, with a DJ, dancing, a sit-down dinner and lots of photo-ops!  Plus Eva got a cool new cousin out of the deal!  Little E didn’t last too long though, once Gammie had her in her arms, Eva was out and slept peacefully for over almost 2 hours.





The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal Dinner 0

We drove to Oklahoma City today for cousin Brian’s wedding.  It was our first road trip with Eva.  It was a short one, but we are still staying in a hotel for 2 nights and since it’s for a wedding, we had to pack pretty heavy.  Eva did great in the car and we have a really nice hotel room with lots of space.  The rehearsal dinner was a great time.  Eva got to see all of her Eng family, and of course, her BFF, Adelaide!




While Mama’s Shopping For The Wedding

While Mama’s Shopping For The Wedding 0

We had to do some shopping for cousin Brian’s wedding this weekend, so Mama and Daddy ran up to the mall real quick to get big sisters something to wear to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding.  Daddy and Eva stayed in the car, listened to music and had a pretty good time while Mama shopped.

Dinner At El Guapo South

Dinner At El Guapo South 0

We had dinner at El Guapo South tonight.  It was the first time we’d been there.  We’ve eaten at the downtown location a few times before and it’s not too bad.  A million restaurants have tried to open in this location, but this one might actually stick around for a while.  It was busy and the food was decent.  Eva was not real happy about for the first half of the meal.  Mama and Daddy both had to take turns walking her around the restaurant, until we finally got her to fall asleep and gently laid her back in her carrier.

Noni Walks The Floor

Noni Walks The Floor 0

Eva has been quite fussy the last few days.  So Noni came over to help Mama today.  Noni kept Little E busy by walking, walking, walking until her feet were worn out.

Soapy Headed Smiler

Soapy Headed Smiler 0

Eva loves her baths and daddy loves taking pictures of her while getting a bath, because she’s always smiling – even with a head full of suds.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day 0

It wasn’t Mama’s first Mother’s Day, but it was Eva’s first.  We had brunch at Southern Hills with the Eng family, before going out to Owasso to celebrate Noni with a cookout there.

Watching The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Watching The Stanley Cup Playoffs 0

Watching the NHL playoffs this year isn’t nearly as much fun for us since the Kings didn’t make it, but we still watched a few games anyway.  Clearly they’re not that exciting though.  Eva’s out and daddy was snoozing a little too.

Mother’s Day Shopping At Utica Square

Mother’s Day Shopping At Utica Square 0

Mama and Daddy took Eva to Utica Square to do some Mother’s Day shopping for Mama, Noni and Gammie this afternoon.  She had a great time cruising around Sak’s in her stroller.  Everyone ooh’ed and aah’ed at how beautiful she is.