Eva Grace

Mother’s Day Shopping At Utica Square

Mother’s Day Shopping At Utica Square 0

Mama and Daddy took Eva to Utica Square to do some Mother’s Day shopping for Mama, Noni and Gammie this afternoon.  She had a great time cruising around Sak’s in her stroller.  Everyone ooh’ed and aah’ed at how beautiful she is.

Napping In Daddy’s Lap

Napping In Daddy’s Lap 0

We picked up Chili’s To Go for dinner tonight and watched a little TV while eating.  Eva napped peacefully in daddy’s lap while we ate.

One Eva Up On Top

One Eva Up On Top 0

Eva’s loves to ride up on top of Daddy’s shoulders.  It’s her new favorite thing.  The only bad thing is, as soon as she gets up there, she always grabs a huge handful of hair and starts trying to eat it!

Dinner At Senior Tequila = No Crying!

Dinner At Senior Tequila = No Crying! 0

We went to Senor Tequila for dinner tonight and Eva stayed awake in her car set the entire meal.  She never cried.  She just sat at the end of the table and watched us eat and watched the people around us.  It was amazing.

Bathtime Back-Breaker

Bathtime Back-Breaker 0

Eva has always loved her baths.  She is always happy in the warm water and getting the arm and leg massages from Mama.  Lately she’s been doing what we call the back-breaker in the bath, though.  The back-breaker is when she bucks up and arches her back super-high to indicate that she’s not where she wants to be.  The funny thing is, she usually starts fussing or crying while doing it out of the bath.  In the bath, she’s been keeping a happy face, but just arching the back and trying to slide around in the tub.

The Changing Table

The Changing Table 0

It’s possible that one of Eva’s favorite places to be is her changing table.  She still rarely ever cries when she’s there and usually has a smile on her face.  Sometimes, she’ll just look directly at the wall and smile, or look at the pictures and frames nearby.  Not sure what it is about it, but you can’t deny the smiles.

Napping In The Swing

Napping In The Swing 0

Eva gets a lot of love.  She is always in her mama’s arms, occasionally in her daddy’s arms and if not there, she’s being held by sisters, Gabriella or Olivia or one of her grandparents is over doing the holding.  So it’s a rarity that she’s in her swing.  Daddy caught her napping in the swing today though.

Angelic Eva

Angelic Eva 0

Eva could not look any more like a sweet little angel, than in this picture.  There is no Photoshop work here, just an accidentally over-exposed picture that looks perfect.

Mama’s Choice

Mama’s Choice 0

Today’s picture was chosen by mama.  She loved this one of Eva sitting  in her papasan chair, hands clasp and smiling ear to ear.

Eva’s New Outfit

Eva’s New Outfit 0

Our neighbors, the Wassons, brought over this adorable outfit for Eva last week.  Daddy had a little photo shoot with her so we could send them a picture of her wearing it today.  This is one of the best pictures from the set.