Eva Grace

Tummy Time

Tummy Time 0

Here’s Eva, getting some tummy time in.  Gotta build up the muscles in her little neckmeat!

Crying Cutie

Crying Cutie 0

She’s even cute when she’s crying.  It’s not always happy, happy, joy, joy with Eva – unless she’s sleeping or feeding.  Granted, that’s most of the time, but she can belt out the crying when she feels inclined!

Eva Loves Her Bath Time

Eva Loves Her Bath Time 0

There is nothing that Eva loves more than her bath time.  She has never cried one single time in the bath.  She’s always happy there.

Cannot. Get. Any. Cuter.

Cannot. Get. Any. Cuter. 0

Mama has some pretty cute outfits for Little E, but you can’t find any that are cuter than this one.  She looks like a happy Ebenezer Scrooge!

The Washcloth Hat

The Washcloth Hat 0

Eva loves her baths.  She’s never fussy and always content – even when mama washes her face and hair or pours water on her head to clean the shampoo out.

Eva’s First Bath

Eva’s First Bath 0

Eva’s had quite a few sink baths, but she’s finally old enough to have a full-on baby bathtub bath, where she sits in the water.  She LOVES it.

A warm bath feels GOOD:


One MILLION dollars!