Noni And Papa

1/2 Day Of Work For Daddy

1/2 Day Of Work For Daddy 0

It’s July 4th tomorrow, but we don’t have any major plans.  Daddy took a half day off work, to come home early and get the holiday started.  Noni came over to see Eva and her sisters this morning.  Eva is biting again like she’s teething, but her two fronts are already in.  This evening daddy took big sisters, G and O to the neighborhood swimming pool and we were the only ones there!  I guess everyone else has already left for the lake or vacation.  Having the entire pool to ourselves made swimming even more fun!


Napping With Noni

Napping With Noni 0

It’s Tuesday again, so Gabriella and Olivia went to work with daddy.  Noni came over to help mama with Eva while mama got the house cleaned.  Of course, Noni got Little E in the sleeper hold and had her napping in her arms.


Olivia’s Last Soccer Game

Olivia’s Last Soccer Game 0

Today was Olivia’s last soccer game of the season.  After the game, all the girls (and their siblings too) got donuts from our favorite donut spot (OK Country!).  Eva was there to see her sister’s team win, and so were Gammie and Nona and Papa, of course.  Aunt Melanie, Kasey and Zac came too!  We went to lunch after.



Napping With Nonnie

Napping With Nonnie 0

Today Nonnie came to the house to stay with Eva while Mama and Daddy went to Gabriella’s school to see her perform in the school talent show!  How exciting.  Gabriella and some friends did a dance routine to a song for their part of the show.  Of course Eva went right to sleep in Nonnie’s loving arms as soon as she held her.

Not Frowning On Papa

Not Frowning On Papa 0

Over the last few days, Eva’s started to become more aware of who is holding her and who is around.  Before, she’s always just been happy as a lark, regardless of who is holding here.  So a couple of times recently, when Papa’s been at the house, she has started frowning and fussing when he holds her.  She just needed a little bit of time to warm up though.  She wasn’t frowning about Papa holding her today!

Noni Walks The Floor

Noni Walks The Floor 0

Eva has been quite fussy the last few days.  So Noni came over to help Mama today.  Noni kept Little E busy by walking, walking, walking until her feet were worn out.

Great Day For A Soccer Game

Great Day For A Soccer Game 0

Today was a great day for Olivia’s soccer game, even though it was at 8:00AM!  With all the rainy weather we’ve been having lately, it was nice to have clear warm morning for the game.  After the game, we went to an early lunch at Red Robin with Noni, Papa and Gammie.  We brought in Eva’s stroller, but she didn’t last long in there, as everyone’s priority was holding her, over eating lunch!


Neighbor Night

Neighbor Night 0

It was Neighbor Night tonight, so mama and daddy went to dinner at Tallgrass Prairie Table with friends from the ‘hood.  Noni and Papa came over and stayed with the girls while we were at dinner for a couple of hours.

Noni And Big Sisters

Noni And Big Sisters 0

Today Noni drove into town to pick up big sisters from school.  Of course she had to come in and see Eva too.  Maybe there were ulterior motives for picking up the big girls…

Flirting With Papa

Flirting With Papa 0

Gabriella and Olivia spent the night with Noni and Papa last night for the wrap up of a really fun spring break.  They brought them home today and of course, had to get a little Eva time in while they were at the house.