Trouble.  The game.  Of course these two aren’t trouble.  Yet.

It’s snowed about 3 inches in the last 24 hours and Sister Gabriella spent the night with a friend, so mama, daddy, Olivia and Eva watched some movies and played some games, while keeping warm inside.

One Month Old

One Month Old 1

Eva is one month old today!  To celebrate, we watched the Los Angeles Kings Stadium Series, outdoor game, vs. the San Jose Sharks.  We all got geared up and watched the game, after making home-made pizzas for dinner.

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Eva And Gabriella And Dr. Kimberling

Eva And Gabriella And Dr. Kimberling 0

Eva and big sister Gabriella had a shared appointment with Dr. Kimberling this morning.  He’s one our favorite doctors of all time.  He is just awesome.  The girls both got good reports, so that made the appointment even better.


Chilling With Her Sisters

Chilling With Her Sisters 0

Gabriella and Olivia have been such great big sisters.  They only thing they’ve been fighting about is who gets to hold Eva first and who got to hold her the longest!

Super Bowl Party 2015

Super Bowl Party 2015 0

It wasn’t a big blowout this year, but the girls had fun watching the Super Bowl.  We even did a family squares game and bought a football to toss around.  The 24 degree temp at halftime was no joke though, so we didn’t play football too long.  Brrr.  Of course the highlight of the game for the girls was Katy Perry’s halftime show, which we all agreed was the best in a long time.

Sisters Return From School

Sisters Return From School 0

Today was the first day since we’ve been home that Gabriella and Olivia had to go to school.  They really missed their new sister and couldn’t wait to get home and see her.  They were excited to take turns holding her, but they had to wait a little longer, since daddy made them both take showers first.  (Can’t be too safe with the flu and other germs rampant at school).