iPhone Photo, No Camera

iPhone Photo, No Camera 0

Daddy couldn’t find his camera today, so a quick iPhone pic will have to do for Eva’s photo of the day.  Here it is – in all its low-res, grainy, glory.

Napping With Nonnie

Napping With Nonnie 0

Today Nonnie came to the house to stay with Eva while Mama and Daddy went to Gabriella’s school to see her perform in the school talent show!  How exciting.  Gabriella and some friends did a dance routine to a song for their part of the show.  Of course Eva went right to sleep in Nonnie’s loving arms as soon as she held her.

Yokozuna To Go

Yokozuna To Go 0

Tonight for dinner we decided to get Yokozuna to go.  It’s one of our new favorite places to eat.  There are so many good Asian spots now, with KEO, Yokozuna, Lanna Thai, Pho Vietnam, etc.  Daddy says he could eat plain white rice every single day.  Maybe it’s in the genes?  When Daddy got home from picking up dinner, Gabriella was toting Eva around while helping get the table set for dinner.  What great sisters Eva has!  So helpful and so much fun too!

Target In The Rain

Target In The Rain 0

Guess what, more rain today.  Shocking.  Eva’s face says it all.  Rain. Rain. Rain.  Nothing but rain.  We still have to run errands though and a trip to Target had to be made.

Tree Shopping At Southwood

Tree Shopping At Southwood 0

After the harsh summer last year, our 7 year old Chinese Pastiche, which are known to be quite hardy, dropped all its leaves and died.  Today we finally got around to going to Southwood to pick out a new tree to replace it.  The big girls have always loved going there to ride the tricycles around while we shop.  Even at 8 and 10, they still have a good time on them.  (Sometimes Daddy wishes he could ride around with them instead of shopping!)  Eva like being outside in the nice weather too.  It was a little cool with the recent rains.


Hey Who’s Got Me?

Hey Who’s Got Me? 0

Gabriella and Olivia are both such fantastic big sisters.  They really help Mama and Daddy a lot with Eva.  Gabriella gets bragged on a lot, because she even helps change diapers and will walk with Eva when she’s fussy.  This picture is great though.  It looks like Eva’s saying, “Hey, who’s got me!?!?!”

Not Frowning On Papa

Not Frowning On Papa 0

Over the last few days, Eva’s started to become more aware of who is holding her and who is around.  Before, she’s always just been happy as a lark, regardless of who is holding here.  So a couple of times recently, when Papa’s been at the house, she has started frowning and fussing when he holds her.  She just needed a little bit of time to warm up though.  She wasn’t frowning about Papa holding her today!

First Ride In Dada’s Car

First Ride In Dada’s Car 0

Since there are 5 of us now, (WOW!), we can’t all fit into Daddy’s car comfortably, so up until now, Eva’s only ridden in Mama’s car – a big SUV.  Today, we had to run some errands and we decided to take Daddy’s car.  This was Eva’s first ride in the Audi A8.  I’m pretty sure she loved it.

Snuggling With Gabriella

Snuggling With Gabriella 0

After a long weekend of family fun, we were all ready for some much needed rest at the house.  Here’s Gabriella snuggled up to Eva in Mama and Daddy’s bed.