Gabriella’s Art Show

Gabriella’s Art Show 0

Gabriella has been at Art Camp at Philbrook all week with her friend Kyra.  Today is their last day and they had an art show to display all the work they’ve done all week.  So mama, daddy and Eva all got to go and see it.  After the art show, we let Gabriella pick where she wanted to have lunch.  She choose Senor Tequila.  During lunch Eva was so hilarious, she sat up in the middle of her car seat, which was in a high chair stand, and just looked around the room and checked everything and everybody out.



Tears For Fears Concert

Tears For Fears Concert 0

Today was Spencer’s last day here.  Besides just coming in to visit us, he came to go to the Tears For Fears concert at The Brady Theater.  Lots of other friends came into town for the show too and we all met up for drinks before heading to the venue.  Before we left the house, the girls said their goodbyes to Spencer, since we wouldn’t be home until late and we were getting up at 5:00AM to go to the airport.

Here are some of the pictures from the Tears For Fears concert at Brady Theater.

150616_Tears_For_Fears_01 150616_Tears_For_Fears_03 150616_Tears_For_Fears_10 150616_Tears_For_Fears_11

Spencer & Daddy Go To Work

Spencer & Daddy Go To Work 0

It’s Monday and Gabriella and Olivia both started summer camps today.  Gabriella is going to art camp at Philbrook.  Olivia is going to TU soccer camp.  Daddy had to work a little bit, even though Spencer was here visiting.  Spencer had to get some work in too, so we went to the office and left Eva at home with mama.  After Spencer and daddy picked up Gabriella, we headed home before going to dinner.   Eva sure was happy to see her sisters.  She’s really gotten used to them being at home all day and missed them all day today.

Hello Spencer

Hello Spencer 0

It didn’t take long for Eva to warm up to Spencer.  He’s like an old-pro with children and knew that he had to work his way into getting Eva to let him hold her.  It worked perfectly.  Here she is, happy hanging out with Spencer, right before we left to have lunch at Goldie’s.

Spencer & Elmer’s

Spencer & Elmer’s 0

Daddy’s long-time friend Spencer came into town last night to stay with us for a few days and the girls got back from Noni and Papa’s house.  So we decided to go run around and grab some lunch.  One of Spencer’s must-eat spots was Elmer’s BBQ, so we headed there first.  Eva was so good during lunch and had fun driving around town.  After we got back to the house it was already time for dinner.  We decided to make pizzas.  We let Spencer take the lead on how to make them and headed to Whole Foods for some pre-made dough and toppings.  We got back, divided the dough balls in halves and pre-baked them in the over for 5 minutes, before topping them and tossing them on the grill for the final cookdown.  They were delicious!


Eva’s First Roughnecks Game

Eva’s First Roughnecks Game 0

Tonight we took Eva to her first soccer match!  The Roughnecks play at OneOK field where the Drillers play.  It was finally nice weather for a game and Eva is out of quarantine, so she and Mama went to the game with Daddy, Gabriella and Olivia.  Since we have season tickets with the Dickasons, she got to see Michelle, Chris and Connor too!  She had a great time watching the first half of the game, but was hungry by the second half.  Amazingly, the stadium has a secluded private family room for moms to breastfeed, with couches and chairs and AC!  Michelle and Gabriella went with Mama to feed Eva.  I think they may have been pretty comfortable, because they were gone for quite a long time!  After the game, we stayed for fireworks.  We weren’t sure how Eva was going to do, since they were loud and bright.  She’d never seen fireworks before and her sisters didn’t like them until they were over 3-4 years old.  She did great though.  She sat completely still, not scared at all and looked up and watched the entire display!




Eva Meets Uncle Chris

Eva Meets Uncle Chris 0

Daddy’s best friend Chris came by to meet Eva today.  The doctor’s quarantine has finally been backed off a bit and Chris was finally in town and able to stop by the house.