Gammie Comes Over For Dinner

Gammie Comes Over For Dinner 0

It has been a while since Gammie has gotten to see Eva and the girls, so she came over to have dinner with us tonight.  Mama got Eva ready and dressed her in the cute pink princess dress that Gammie got for her.  She was so happy to see her Gammie.


Gammie And The Girls’ Summerfest

Gammie And The Girls’ Summerfest 0

The end of the school-year festivities continued for the big sisters today.  It was Summerfest at Jenks West today.  Since it was raining again today, the carnival was moved to the school gym, but they still had a live DJ, multiple bouncy houses, face painting, food and more.  The girls had a good time and Eva got to spend some quality time with Gammie at home.



Great Day For A Soccer Game

Great Day For A Soccer Game 0

Today was a great day for Olivia’s soccer game, even though it was at 8:00AM!  With all the rainy weather we’ve been having lately, it was nice to have clear warm morning for the game.  After the game, we went to an early lunch at Red Robin with Noni, Papa and Gammie.  We brought in Eva’s stroller, but she didn’t last long in there, as everyone’s priority was holding her, over eating lunch!


Daddy’s Night Out

Daddy’s Night Out 0

Daddy went to a concert with some friends at the Brady Theater tonight, so Gammie came over to help mama out with the three girls.  After they played for a couple of hours, Gammie held Eva, while mama got the big girls to sleep.

Olivia’s Wax Museum

Olivia’s Wax Museum 0

Gammie came over to stay with Eva this afternoon while mama and daddy went to Olivia’s school to see her “Wax Museum” day.  All the kids in Olivia’s class were assigned historical figures and had to learn about them and come up with a set of facts to recite about them.  Then they dressed like them and the parents were invited to come to the school and learn about each one.  Olivia was Amelia Earhart.


Napping With Gammie

Napping With Gammie 0

After Olivia’s soccer game today, Gammie stayed at the house with us so that big sisters could dye their Easter Eggs.  Gammie and Eva both snuck in a nap.




Olivia’s First Soccer Game

Olivia’s First Soccer Game 0

Olivia’s first soccer game was today and Eva’s not quite ready for a big outing like that yet, so Gammie stayed at the house with her, instead of going to the game, like she normally does.  Hopefully Eva will be able to start going to her sister’s games soon.

Gammie Comes To Help

Gammie Comes To Help 0

With Gabriella and Olivia both confirmed with the flu yesterday by Dr. Narrin, we needed some help.  Gammie came over to have dinner with us and help with Little E, so that mama and daddy could spend a little more time with her older sisters, Gabriella and Olivia.

Gammie Tags In

Gammie Tags In 0

Daddy went to a concert tonight, so Gammie came over to sub in.  She kept Eva content while mama took care of Gabriella and Olivia and got them into bed.150303_002

Mama Has The Flu

Mama Has The Flu 0

Yuck.  Mama has the flu.  Or something.  How she got it is about impossible to fathom.  It’s been so rampant, that each day when the girls come home from school, they go straight in and get a shower.  Mama hasn’t been anywhere besides doctor’s offices, but I guess that’s one of the germiest places around…

Gammie came over tonight so that mama could rest and daddy could go to a mandatory MTSC coaches meeting for Olivia’s soccer team.

Hey, who’s that pretty girl?