Waking Up With Sisters

Waking Up With Sisters 0

Since the girls are out of school, Eva has really been enjoying spending time with them all day.  She’s already grown really close to them in a very short time.  She is so happy when she’s with them.

A Night Of 1,000 Compliments

A Night Of 1,000 Compliments 0

We went to dinner at Ricardo’s this evening.  You just can’t beat their chile rellenos.  Eva was a bit fussy, so we took turns walking her around the restaurant, mama, daddy, and even Gabriella.  It didn’t matter who was holding her though, every single person who passed by was commenting on how beautiful Eva is.  It was very nice, and I’m obviously biased, but she IS a beauty.

Sisters Are Gone All Day

Sisters Are Gone All Day 0

Gabriella and Olivia went to work with daddy today, and we were gone all day.  So when we finally got to the house around 6PM, Eva was very happy to see her sisters.  She really misses, now that she’s used to them being at home all day, over the summer break from school.

Eva’s First Roughnecks Game

Eva’s First Roughnecks Game 0

Tonight we took Eva to her first soccer match!  The Roughnecks play at OneOK field where the Drillers play.  It was finally nice weather for a game and Eva is out of quarantine, so she and Mama went to the game with Daddy, Gabriella and Olivia.  Since we have season tickets with the Dickasons, she got to see Michelle, Chris and Connor too!  She had a great time watching the first half of the game, but was hungry by the second half.  Amazingly, the stadium has a secluded private family room for moms to breastfeed, with couches and chairs and AC!  Michelle and Gabriella went with Mama to feed Eva.  I think they may have been pretty comfortable, because they were gone for quite a long time!  After the game, we stayed for fireworks.  We weren’t sure how Eva was going to do, since they were loud and bright.  She’d never seen fireworks before and her sisters didn’t like them until they were over 3-4 years old.  She did great though.  She sat completely still, not scared at all and looked up and watched the entire display!




Gammie And The Girls’ Summerfest

Gammie And The Girls’ Summerfest 0

The end of the school-year festivities continued for the big sisters today.  It was Summerfest at Jenks West today.  Since it was raining again today, the carnival was moved to the school gym, but they still had a live DJ, multiple bouncy houses, face painting, food and more.  The girls had a good time and Eva got to spend some quality time with Gammie at home.



Yokozuna To Go

Yokozuna To Go 0

Tonight for dinner we decided to get Yokozuna to go.  It’s one of our new favorite places to eat.  There are so many good Asian spots now, with KEO, Yokozuna, Lanna Thai, Pho Vietnam, etc.  Daddy says he could eat plain white rice every single day.  Maybe it’s in the genes?  When Daddy got home from picking up dinner, Gabriella was toting Eva around while helping get the table set for dinner.  What great sisters Eva has!  So helpful and so much fun too!

Tree Shopping At Southwood

Tree Shopping At Southwood 0

After the harsh summer last year, our 7 year old Chinese Pastiche, which are known to be quite hardy, dropped all its leaves and died.  Today we finally got around to going to Southwood to pick out a new tree to replace it.  The big girls have always loved going there to ride the tricycles around while we shop.  Even at 8 and 10, they still have a good time on them.  (Sometimes Daddy wishes he could ride around with them instead of shopping!)  Eva like being outside in the nice weather too.  It was a little cool with the recent rains.


Hey Who’s Got Me?

Hey Who’s Got Me? 0

Gabriella and Olivia are both such fantastic big sisters.  They really help Mama and Daddy a lot with Eva.  Gabriella gets bragged on a lot, because she even helps change diapers and will walk with Eva when she’s fussy.  This picture is great though.  It looks like Eva’s saying, “Hey, who’s got me!?!?!”

Snuggling With Gabriella

Snuggling With Gabriella 0

After a long weekend of family fun, we were all ready for some much needed rest at the house.  Here’s Gabriella snuggled up to Eva in Mama and Daddy’s bed.

Tacos At Fuzzy’s

Tacos At Fuzzy’s 0

It’s Sunday and time to head back home.  After packing up and checking out of the hotel, we headed for Bricktown to get something to eat.  The first stop was Pinkitzel though.  Sisters Gabriella and Olivia picked out cupcakes and each got a bag of candy.  We couldn’t leave Eva out, so instead of sugary treats, she got a new little doll.  Next, we headed for tacos at Fuzzy’s at the recommendation of one of the girls who sold us the cupcakes.  There was a long line at Fuzzy’s but it was well worth the wait. Yum!  By the time we got home, Little E was worn out and ready for sleepytime!

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