Eva & The Rainbow

Eva & The Rainbow 0

Mama, Gabriella, Olivia and Daddy took Eva for a walk around the neighborhood this evening.  We headed to the park for a little swinging first.  It has still been raining on and off, the last few days and there was a big rainbow in the sky.  You can see it in the picture of her, if you look close!




Watching Videos In Gabriella’s Room

Watching Videos In Gabriella’s Room 0

Today, Gabriella wanted to play with Eva, so mama said that was fine.  Gabriella scooped her up and off she went.  A little while later, we went in to check on them, since we hadn’t hear any crying or even a single peep.  Gabriella had Eva laying content on her bed.  She had Eva surround by stuffed animals and had her iPad propped up with cartoons playing.  What a super-cool big sister!

The Mall

The Mall 0

Eva made her first journey to Woodland Hills Mall today.  Sisters needed some new clothes and shoes and we needed to find a birthday present for Aunt Stephanie.  She enjoyed being pushed around in the stroller and looking at a new environment for quite a while, but as soon as we took a dinner break in the food court, she decided it was time to be grouchy.  Mama got her out of the stroller and held her, which always makes her happy.


A Walk In The Hood

A Walk In The Hood 0

We took a quick walk in the neighborhood this evening.  It was a little rainy, but the weather held up enough for us to get around the block and back.

Eva’s sisters took turns pushing her.

Eva’s First Soccer Game

Eva’s First Soccer Game 0

Eva got to go to sister Olivia’s soccer game today.  It was her first one and she was the star of the show.  It rained some, but she was happy.  All of Olivia’s teammates and their families were excited to see Eva too.

Hanging With Gabriella

Hanging With Gabriella 0

Gabriella is such a great big sister.  She loves to hold Eva and give her, her full attention.  They really have a fun time together.

Helping With Homework

Helping With Homework 0

Here’s Little Eva, already helping big sister with her homework.  Later in the evening both big sisters returned the favor and helped Eva get her bath.