Too Hot For The Roughnecks Game

Too Hot For The Roughnecks Game 0

There was a Roughnecks soccer game tonight, but it was too hot for Eva and mama to go.  So daddy took big sisters, Olivia and Gabriella and cousin Zac.  We had a great time at the game, but definitely missed Little E and Mama!


Testing Out Sister’s Swim Goggles

Testing Out Sister’s Swim Goggles 0

Not really so much testing them out, as having them tested out on her, by her sister Gabriella.  Pretty sure Little Eva wasn’t too happy about having to model swim goggles.  They sure looked adorably hilarious on her though!

Movie Night

Movie Night 0

We had family movie tonight.  The big girls choose The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water.  It was actually not too bad (the parts that I was awake for, at least)  Eva had fun rolling around between her sisters.  She and mama took a few breaks for feedings and laundry.




2 Teeth!

2 Teeth! 0

It’s official.  Eva has 2 teeth.  They’re here.  Watch out solid foods.  She’s coming for you!

Eva’s First Father’s Day

Eva’s First Father’s Day 0

What a great day we had today.  We got to Owasso and the girls got to swim with Sadie and Soloman (and Uncle Greg too).  Papa grilled steaks and we had a fantastic dinner.



Our Father’s Day Dinner

Our Father’s Day Dinner 0

Tomorrow is Father’s Day and we’ll be going to Owasso for a cookout to celebrate with Papa and Uncle Greg.  So tonight, mama made us one of daddy’s favorite meals, chicken and rice.  It was delicious and even though Eva couldn’t eat with us, she had fun sitting at (on) the table with us during dinner.


Gabriella’s Art Show

Gabriella’s Art Show 0

Gabriella has been at Art Camp at Philbrook all week with her friend Kyra.  Today is their last day and they had an art show to display all the work they’ve done all week.  So mama, daddy and Eva all got to go and see it.  After the art show, we let Gabriella pick where she wanted to have lunch.  She choose Senor Tequila.  During lunch Eva was so hilarious, she sat up in the middle of her car seat, which was in a high chair stand, and just looked around the room and checked everything and everybody out.




Bathtime! 0

I think I’ve posted this same thing over and over in the past, because it’s true.  Eva LOVES her bathtime.  She can be sick, grouchy, tired, hungry, anything.  She can be in the worst mood, but bathtime makes here happy every time!

Eva The Ninja

Eva The Ninja 0

Gabriella put her bandanna on Eva tonight, while they were playing in Mama and Dada’s room.  Usually when she has anything on her head, a bow, a headband, a hat, her first instinct is to try and get it off as quickly as possible.  I think because we were all laughing and telling her how cute she looked, she was just hamming it up instead.  She was loving the attention.