Eva Grace

The Hand-Eater

The Hand-Eater 0

Eva’s favorite thing to do lately is put her hands in her mouth.  I call her the Hand Eater.  Mama says she’s eating Hand Sandwiches.  Either way, she is always jamming her hand into to her mouth to suck on it.  Sometimes, she manages to get BOTH fists in her mouth at the same time and sometimes, she even chokes herself.  Cousin Katie told us that Adelaide is doing the same thing, so maybe it’s normal behavior at this age.

Getting Bigger

Getting Bigger 0

It’s mind-blowing how big Eva is getting already.  Dr. Kimberling (AKA Uncle Matt) reminded us, “It’s a funny thing.  You feed them and they get bigger.  That’s how it works.”  It’s amazing and sad all at the same time.  She’s only 3 months old and she’s already getting too big to do some things – like this: she barely fits in daddy’s leg triangle anymore.  It’s one of her favorite places to be held.  Daddy props one leg up, ankle over knee and it forms and perfect triangle support for Eva to snuggle into.

Daddy And Eva

Daddy And Eva 0

Mama had a hair appointment today, so daddy stayed home from the office to get some Eva time in.  We worked on her DJ skills, coded some websites and even took a walk around the neighborhood in the stroller.

Eva Gets A Manicure

Eva Gets A Manicure 0

A manicure, or maybe it’s just a picture of mama trimming her nails, while she sleeps.  (This is the best time.  No crying and hand yanking).

Pants Hat

Pants Hat 0

What more do you need to say about this situation?  Nothing.

Pants.  Hat.

Self-Soothing Hands

Self-Soothing Hands 0

In addition to her crazy facial expressions, Eva has found her hands and has pretty solid control over them now.  When she’s tired, she clasps them together and wrings them, rubbing until she soothes herself to sleep.  It is so adorable.

The Expression-Maker

The Expression-Maker 0

Eva’s facial expressions have gotten so awesome in the last few days.  She’s has a lot more control of her hands, feet and face.  She raises her eyebrows, scrunches up her nose and of course gets her tongue working when she wants to.  She’s a real hoot, already.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning 0

This is what happens when you start digging junk out of closets and taking stuff to Good Will.  You find a perfectly good, unused Rainbow Wig that can entertain with hours of fun!



Ojai 0

Ojai, I’m just relaxing on the bed.  I’ll just be right here if you need me.

Shots At Dr. Narrin’s

Shots At Dr. Narrin’s 0

Eva’s 2(+) month checkup was today and she was such a good girl.  She braved through shots in each leg and only cried for a few minutes, until she was back safe in mama’s arms again.

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